Halloween Movie Season Has Begun!

One of my favorite favorite FAVORITE things about the holiday season is watching (and QUOTING) the same movies every year. We are a movie family and love to snuggle up on the sofa together with popcorn. James and I started years ago with our favorite Christmas movies, and over the course of our marriage we have built up our collection to also include Halloween and Thanksgiving. And with kids, our repertoire – of movies and quotes – has really expanded. Our requirements are simple: we like to watch it over and over, cheesy is good, it’s quotable.


Since it’s October, the Halloween movie season has officially begun. We are still building up our Halloween collection, but so far it includes:

  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – THE classic Halloween movie; also It’s Magic, Charlie Brown, which now that I think about it, may not be Halloween at all but is a “special feature” on our DVD after The Great Pumpkin
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – The perfect transition movie linking Halloween and Christmas. The movie that really expanded our Christmas movie season into Halloween.
  • Hocus Pocus – Just as silly and weird as I remember it. Though I did not remember all of the virgin jokes aimed at the teenage boy (oh, 1993!), but those are all *wink wink, elbow* and go right over my kids’ heads
  • I’m thinking of adding Beetlejuice this year. Is it Halloweeny or just Halloween-esque?

What other Halloween movies should we be watching? What are your favorites?

ALSO: Be thinking of your Thanksgiving and Christmas movies because I want to talk about those soon too!

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