It’s Friday, I’m in Love

  • Books Aaaaaalllll the books right now. Since the election, reading is my coping strategy of choice. I find that I need to check out a lot more lately lest my head explode reading Facebook and Twitter.
  • Book Orders Remember the newsprint fliers you brought home from school with the teeny form you, or your mom with her neat handwriting, would carefully fill out, calculating your total at the bottom? And then later, on one seemingly random day, your teacher would hand you the books you had picked out. That was the best. Well they still use Scholastic Book Orders at my kids’ school and my youngest, at least, is still enchanted by the choices. A book about penguins that comes with a stuffed penguin! A book with a bracelet! Paperbacks from all the latest kid movies! Well, now you can order online and really see the breadth of titles they offer. On a whim I added 3 books for myself (midgrade books) for ONE DOLLAR EACH. That is less than buying a sale kindle book AND the order helps our teachers to get books and other supplies for their classroom. And when we’re done reading them, I’ll donate to one of our teachers’ classroom library.
  • Lin Manuel Miranda’s Playlists on Spotify We know the man can put together a mean mixtape and I’m delighting in having some new playlists. In particular I like Rise Up Eyes Up Wise Up to start the day.
  • Bread I have a sourdough starter living in my fridge right now. His name a Jeffrey, I feed him every week and have had great success baking my first ever loaves of sourdough bread. I was given the starter, but it isn’t hard to make your own. I failed at making my own because I tried in the summer and I just wasn’t paying enough attention to it. But these directions from King Arthur are great. Here are the directions I’m following to take care of Jeffrey; and here is the recipe for Merlin’s Magic Sourdough Bread which I’ve been using so far. I can also recommend the Buttery Sourdough Buns.

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