Social Justice Book Club: Introduction

I’m really excited to read Men We Reaped as part of the Social Justice Book Club, hosted by Kerry at Entomology of a Bookworm. This book has been on my list for a while and this is a good enough reason as any to start now. Here are my answers to the first round of questions to get started:

  1. I’ll be answering the discussion questions here, but may also mention the book over on twitter @jess_mccoy and Litsy @jess_mccoy ( #SJBookClub ). I’ll also post about the book on Goodreads.
  2. I’m reading in my home sweet home near Frederick, Maryland, probably curled up on my sofa with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Or I’ll sneak some in during lunch. I’m reading a hard copy so it’s only daylight reading for me. (I’m so spoiled with my Kindle Paperwhite- 90% of the time I read it’s in my bed, in the dark)
  3. I’m joining the bookclub because I stumbled upon Kerry on twitter and noticed that she is local to me! And since the internet is for creeping, I followed her (on twitter-not irl), learned about the bookclub and here I am. I’ve been wanting to read this particular book for a while now. I have been interested in African American literature and stories for a long time and have been branching into more nonfiction and memoir. This year I read Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates and it really jolted me into a better understanding of the way the world works for people who don’t look like me (I’m a suburban white lady, btw). I also read The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson about the Great Migration in the US.
  4. I am most looking forward to connecting with other readers as I read this book. I hope to hear Jesmyn Ward’s story about her life and the lives of those she loves, particularly those she has lost. These are American stories that are being lived right now and I want to witness that.

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “Social Justice Book Club: Introduction

    • I liked it VERY much. It is long, so I could see where audio might be a good way to get through it. It followed different people, specifically,and I liked the narrative that way.

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