Family Travel Games

The pool opened this weekend! Summer and adventure are finally here! (And for my mental health: vitamin D and excitement!) When we hit the pool, or the beach for that matter, we like to set up camp and stay alllll day long. We pack our cooler and snacks, and I arrange myself on a lounge chair, the home base to all the summer fun. In addition to the standard pool toys and snacks, we also pack a bag of travel games. The kids sometimes need a break from swimming or they need a few minutes of adult swim to entertain themselves outside of the water. Here’s what’s in our bag:

Travel Chess When I bought this set from Amazon, I though it would be a piece of junk. It isn’t! It is sturdy and well made for the price. For only 10 bucks today it’s $8.65!, it is our favorite travel game. The pieces are magnetic so they don’t slide around on the board. I am going to have to find our chess book (we have this one, but it looks like it’s only available used), because since Jack went to chess club he’s now beating me in 2-4 moves.

Uno Even Molly, at 4, can play Uno with us. It’s the perfect easy peasy card game for us to play sharing a beach towel and a lounge chair. We have just a regular deck, but I’m intrigued by these waterproof Uno H2O cards.

Spot It Quick simple games, a kid can play it by themselves, and even the little kids can look at the cards and find matches. The instructions have several game variations so it keeps it interesting. We have the original and the Spot It Splash with plastic cards. There are tons of card decks, with all kinds of themes.

Regular deck of cards We can always play war

24 Game This is super challenging (for me!) but the kids play it at school. It’s a great way for them to work on their math facts. There are even 24 Game competitions at our school.

If it’s not windy and you have some flat space, these are a couple of tabletop games we have been playing at home that could easily travel:

Fluxx simple to pick up and get started, the game is different every time you play (here, again, a million game themes, we have the “standard” 5.0 version)

Guillotine cute and quirky, fast and fun

I’m considering buying travel Battleship to add to our bag. I’m hoping the little pieces aren’t too much to deal with.

Do you have any other good travel games? 

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