Even More Podcasts

After my last post about podcasts I added even more to my list. Some came from suggestions from other people, and some came from that thing a podcast host will sometimes do at the very end of the recording and say, “if you liked this podcast, you might also like __” (So, yes, podcast producers, those little plugs at the end are working.)

Here are even more podcasts:

  • Mortified – This new podcast totally makes my Mondays. Adults read from their adolescent writings like journals and love letters. You cringe along with them and many times I have laughed out loud.
  • Snap Judgement – Really good stories where you see things from another perspective.
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You – Cristen and Caroline explore and explain all kinds of topics related to women
  • StoryCorps – little snippets of stories told in the subject’s own voice
  • Home of the Brave – Quirky stories from Scott Carrier, TAL contributor
  • Savage Lovecast – Dan Savage starts with a rant and then answers callers’ questions about sex and relationships

If you don’t already listen to Radiolab, you should listen to the episode, Los Frikis. A fascinating look at a group of young people in Cuba who got into punk rock as communism tightened around them.

What are you listening to? I always want to hear about your favorite, new or new-to-me podcasts.

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