It’s Friday, I’m in Love

  • It is WARM. There are flowers and buds on the trees and little bright green leaves and it’s like the cold, depressing winter fog has lifted.
  • If you need a smile for your Friday, listen to the Mortified podcast. People read from their adolescent journals and it is hilarious and so cringe-worthy. It comes out on Mondays which really helps me start the week.
  • If you have HBO you should watch the documentary Going Clear about Scientology. SUPER fascinating and WEIRD. And then talk to me about it. I also just started reading the book.
  • It is pizza night. (I still make my pizza under the broiler, like in this post from way back when I wrote for Food Lush)
  • For the crafty among you, I started a knitting blog. Sometimes I have things to say and I completely understand that MOST people have ZERO interest in listening to me ramble about old lady crafts. But if you do, it’s Jess Knits. I’m working on socks! A new frontier!
  • My lovely cousin, Amanda, of Adult Contentment, is super crafty and has her own craft blog, Amanda Makes. You should really follow her and somehow figure out how to close the geographical space between Maryland and Missouri because I need more of this girl in my life.
  • I got my super long mermaid hair cut and I feel like a whole new person. I now have a grown up haircut that doesn’t end up in tangles constantly. (I’m still continuing my streak of Rachel Green hair, maybe next time I’ll get “The Rachel”)
  • If you are prone to selfies, get yourself the B612 app. You have to choose your filter before taking the picture, but oh, they are the most smoothing and flattering filters. Just look at this: no makeup and a messy “bang braid.”

Happy happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “It’s Friday, I’m in Love

  1. OK, I really want to see that documentary, but I don’t have HBO. Maybe I will just get the book instead!

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