A Split Pea Soup I Can Love

A picture of thyme because I was not up for the challenge of making split pea soup look attractive.

James is by far my favorite person to cook for (he’s my favorite person in a lot of ways). When he tells me he’s in the mood for something in particular I like to hunt around for just the right recipe. We aim to have that lovely 50s moment when he walks in the door from work and I’m there in my heels and pearls having just put the final garnish on a healthy and delicious meal. And totally not screeching at the children in a messy house. Ahem.

James has always loved split pea soup. He has talked about us making and eating split pea soup. I have tried several over the years and just felt very meh about it. It’s an unattractive soup, and, I don’t know. Peas just aren’t very exciting to me.

BUT. I finally found a split pea that I liked a lot a lot. In fact I would really like to make it again. And it probably has everything to do with the fact that it starts with bacon and is topped with super delicious croutons. The croutons are so good and even though my children wouldn’t touch the soup, they took the bowl of the remaining croutons and ate THAT for dinner instead.

Hearty Split Pea and Bacon Soup from The Cozy Apron


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