A Whole Lot of Podcasts


me, on a Serial Thursday

I am one of those people who can’t have a quiet house. Well, I can’t have a quiet house with three kids, but when it’s just Molly and me at home and I’m trying to get housework done, I have chore-ADD. I clean a counter, put away a few dishes, move half a load of laundry — basically I start doing something, get distracted by something else and wander around my house without actually accomplishing anything. So I watch Netflix or listen to podcasts. Somehow this helps me focus and stay on task and makes the monotony of housework more bearable.

Because of this (and a vast quantity of housework), I am rapidly exhausting the episodes in all of my favorite podcasts. So I am constantly searching for new ones. And maybe you are too. Here’s the list of what is in my podcast app:

My Auto-Refresh Favorites, I will listen to each new episode soon after it downloads and have possibly gone through the archives and listened to back episodes:

  • Serial – of course. Sarah Koenig, I’m ready for the second season.
  • Slate Serial Spoiler Special – Because I needed to listen to others over-analyze Serial
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class – While a little SNL “Delicious Dish” I LOVE Holly and Tracy telling me about interesting things in history. They do all the research so I don’t have to.
  • This American Life – The gold standard of lifestyle storytelling podcast? (Please listen to their recent episodes “Cops See It Differently,” Parts 1 and 2– powerful conversations on the relationship between policing and race.)
  • Strangers – Lea Thau presents achingly human stories that are moving and beautiful. I highly recommend the episodes “Falling Slowly,” and “The Mind Shaft.”
  • TED Radio Hour – Those inspiring TED talks condensed into a podcast
  • Startup – Alex Bloomberg left TAL and started his own podcasting company, this follows him through that process
  • Reply All – It’s about the Internet
  • Invisibilia – An intellectual look at the invisible forces that affect humans (listen to the episode “How to Become Batman,” it really changed my perspective on blindness)

New to Me, but so Far I Really Like Them:

I Like These When the Episode Subject Interests Me:

Haven’t Tried These Yet, But They Sound Interesting:

I added a whole bunch of new podcasts to my queue after reading this article about female podcasters. There’s some good stuff in there.

OK. What are YOU are listening to that I should know about?


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