It’s Friday, I’m in Love

  • I’ve been listening to Barenaked Ladies’ Stunt album this week. I love music from my youth that I can sing along with really really loudly. Bonus points for embarrassing my children. (My personal favorite song: Call and Answer)
  • I finally finished watching How I Met Your Mother. And I actually really like the way it ended. I wish it hadn’t been spoiled for me (but whaddayagonnado when you wait and watch things on Netflix) so that I would have had a clear, unprepared reaction to the “twist.” I’m now starting back at the beginning to watch the whole series through again now that I know the ending.
  • I know I don’t have to tell you because along with the rest of the rest of the Internet you’re probably already listening, but if not: You HAVE GOT to listen to Serial, the podcast spin off of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig.
  • Other podcasts I’m listening to lately: This American Life, Startup, Stuff You Missed in History, Dax Shepherd on WTF and The Nerdist.
  • It is the season of owls in the stores, which I love. I know they are trendy right now (and maybe on their way out now that the dawn of the era of foxes is upon us?) but I love them and will buy whatever cute ceramic owl Target is currently selling. This week I found the silver mercury glass owl which makes me so happy because I can display it all year long (I tried to find the link but Target’s website is poop). My kids are going to roll their eyes in 20 years because my owls will be “SO twenty-teens” but I don’t care.
  • *whispers* I think I miss running. I haven’t run since the half marathon in May and I think I’d like to start again.


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