Soup Season

I start a lot of seasons with grand declarations: It’s the Summer of Pie! The Spring of Salads! I don’t always stick to those plans, or even follow through much. But it makes me feel better heading into a new season with a Plan Or at least feeling like I have a Plan. And then it gets me off to a good start for a few weeks while our schedules shift again and our evening family and dinner time slides into its new pattern.

And it’s fall! New classes in school and new after school activities for the kids, the end of a stretch of vacations and days at the pool. Finally not sweating just walking to school every day.

Soups are some of my FAVORITE things to cook. They are the epitome of make ahead for me. I like to put together a soup in the middle of the day when I have time (and only 1 child at home). I can make a mess of the kitchen and clean as I go and not feel rushed to help with homework and break up sibling fights and have it done soon enough so everyone can go to bed at a reasonable hour. Most soups are great to make during the day, then I put them in the fridge and just heat them up at dinnertime. And many of them freeze really well so if I can manage to make a double batch, or if we only eat half (as we often do since the two adults are the only ones who set any significant portion) I bag some up and freeze it for another night when I need an even easier dinner.

Soup dinner formula: Soup + salad or vegetable side + rolls or sandwich

A few of the soups that I’m really loving right now:

Do you have any good soups for fall?

One thought on “Soup Season

  1. I always want to LOVE soup, but I just don’t. I love making it – but rarely enjoy eating it. I guess I miss the chewing part? There are a few that I love however that defy my soup issues. I’m saving the Moroccan Chickpea! Thank you!!

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