I don’t even want to say it or put in into writing, but there are only less than 3 weeks left of summer break. I have always loved summer with my kids home from school. And this year is particularly cruel because our school system moved up the first day of school by an entire week. So even though it is only just the START of August I am getting that itchy dread that means  soon I have to pry children out of bed, stuff breakfast into them and push them out the door. We’ve already had our summer vacation – a lovely family week in Ocean City, MD. My 2 big kids are winding down their camp weeks. And now I have to potty train the little one now since she’s starting preschool.


There are some serious challenges to having all 3 together all day long for weeks on end. If we stay in the house with no plan, I spend the day playing referee to squabbles and begging them to just leave each other alone FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

One of the best things we did for our family this summer was join a pool. Jack and Sarah are great, independent swimmers so they pretty much can go off with their friends and entertain themselves. And Molly is happy to play in the baby pool while I sit nearby.

The two big ones also each go to 4 weeks of day camp, during which they stay with their grandparents. And this year, we decided that they would only overlap for 2 of their weeks, giving them each 4 weeks apart. This has been genius because apparently 7 and 9 are particularly difficult ages for getting along with a sibling. And while, I am continuing to teach the life lesson of “Sometimes you just have to deal with people you don’t want to and also stop being a jerk,” it is a nice break for us all.

Again, this summer, I haven’t had much time for grand house projects, but there is still one week of camp with both big kids away, so there is still hope that I will paint a room or two!

2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. I was thinking today, “wow school will start up in about a month.” And what a quick summer it was. It’s bitter sweet really. On one hand it’s going to be nice to have them in school so they have something to do and not require me to break up fights or try to keep them occupied. On the other hand it’s nice when they are around and I can take them placed whenever I want to. We joined a local gym with a pool too which I found to be a great idea.

    • Yes! These are my feelings too: I do really love the schedule and time away from each other that school gives us. But, man, I do love not having to wake anybody up or make them go to bed at any certain time.

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