Makeup Monday, er, Tuesday

I have been paying attention to some fun discussions on Twitter lately about makeup. And the lovely Maria Melee decided that for the month of May, she would be posting about makeup every Monday. I’ve been away for a few Mondays but I wanted to throw a post into the mix since I have been enjoying reading other people’s posts.

untitled20130509_11Here’s the entirety of my makeup collection. For “everyday,” not doing anything interesting, I usually wear undereye concealor, eyeliner, mascara and lip stuff.

  • Cover Girl pressed powder
  • elf concealer/highlighter – I bought this to be my purse concealer after hearing it recommended somewhere. Also it’s really cheap, ~$3 I think. But, um, how do you use the highlighter portion?
  • elf eyelid primer – ~$1 at Target
  • Loreal BB cream – I started using this after Jonna recommended it on Style Lush
  • Fake Up – Bought on the recommendation of Kelly from Temerity Jane. I love this. Love it. It  seems to cover up my sleepy mama bags under my eyes really well.
  • Cover Girl mascara – The only mascara I have tried that doesn’t seem to end up on my face. I like this and have used it for years.
  • Cover Girl eyeliner pencil in espresso – my friend Liz (the Naptime Decorator) suggested this when we were talking makeup for my wedding almost 11 years ago. No sharpening, super easy, lasts forever.
  • Cover Girl blush in what is possibly the lightest shade they offer – I on;y like this meh. It doesn’t seem to leave enough color so I don’t bother with it much. I need to find an actual color to use but the thought of buying one and it maybe not being the right thing just makes me avoid the whole process altogether.
  • Almay eye shadow for blue eyes – Not a very exciting choice. I only use the brown for my lid and the light silvery color for above
  • Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Honey – another Internet recommendation! I don’t know who to attribute it to, though because I think so many people have used it and recommended it. It lasts a good while, and is a pretty shade of pink.
  • Mary Kay brushes – got these from a friend a few years ago
  • Jack Black Lip Balm – my sister gave one of these to each of us for Christmas one year. I used mine right up and used the one she gave my husband. It’s moisturizing like chap stick/carmax, but light and very wearable. I don’t feel like I have a thick layer of vaseline on and it goes well over the lip stain.
  • Burt’s Bees lip shimmer – these came in a 3 pack and I wear the medium color for everyday, the lighter for breezy summer outfits and the darker for evenings out.

Lesson learned through this exercise: I mostly find things through recommendations from friends, IRL or online. Without a recommendation I just pick something Cover Girl that is probably the same thing I used in college.

untitled20130509_2I thought I’d throw in skin care too since I am always looking to see what other people use. After bouncing around to different things over the years, I have settled on the (inexpensive, drug store) Purpose wash and moisturizer based on a recommendation from a friend. Nothing fancy, gets my face clean and lightly moisturized. And I use witch hazel after Caitlin‘s recommendation. I always sort of felt like toners weren’t really doing anything, but I do like the witch hazel.

untitled20130509_21This lotion is the best. The lip mask was given to me by a friend and it is a nice thing to use every so often. You leave the mask on for a few mintes, wipe it off and then follow with the balm. It leaves your lips really soft.

A before:


And after using only the Fake Up and the lip stain:


And all done:

untitled20130509_24(It is always so awkward looking to hold a big SLR in front of a mirror, it’s like putting your arm around another person when having your picture taken. Cheese, here’s me and my camera buddy.)

Click over to Maria Melee for more!

3 thoughts on “Makeup Monday, er, Tuesday

  1. I like how you and I titled our blog posts nearly identically for Makeup Monday. Haha!

    I should really try out that Benefit concealer. My bags are getting pretty bad from my allergies and taking care of my nearly-6-month-old!

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