Birthday Cupcakes

Last Friday it was my birthday, and I had a very lovely quiet day with my family. My husband and baby girl took me out to lunch at Family Meal, then we picked up pizza and cupcakes for dinner later.


Frederick has two (relatively, I don’t get out much) new cupcake bakeries, cupcakeries? About a year or so ago I tried “the pink one.” And this time I wanted to try “the blue one.” When they first opened I tried to find any reviews that said anything other than: lots of icing, good. I take cupcakes pretty seriously.


left to right, top to bottom: key lime, classic shaved coconut, black and white, salted caramel, chocolate ganache, madagascar vanilla

Angelcakes cupcakes were really good. My personal favorites were vanilla cake based: the madagascar vanilla, classic shaved coconut, and key lime. We also tried the chocolate ganache, black and white and salted caramel. The chocolate cupcakes were good, kind of a dry chocolate flavor. There are big, thick layers of icing on top which I like. There is enough icing so that you get plenty with each bite of cake.


This is pretty much how every other attempted cupcake photo came out. With a cute hairy child trying to get a finger into the icing.




One thought on “Birthday Cupcakes

  1. I tend to really love vanilla-based cupcakes best. A real, true, rich vanilla can’t be beat! Is it just me, or are those cupcakes huge?

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