A G&T for Me*


Summer has arrived in Maryland. Only 2 weeks ago the kids had a snow day off of school. And then yesterday it got to over 70 degrees. These are my favorite kind of family evenings. The kids play outside, my husband and I sit and have a leisurely dinner on the patio. And instead of cleaning up dishes or picking up toys at the end of the day, we’re out on the driveway trying to hula hoop and jump rope.

Lovely breezy evenings on the patio call for lovely summery drinks. Our drink for Summer 2013 is a gin and tonic.

I have to tell you, I think I spent more time hemming and hawing about what kind of tonic to buy than I did about the gin. All of the regular tonics available at my grocery store were (not surprisingly) full of high fructose corn syrup, and the “light” versions all had artificial sweeteners. I spent 5 times more on the Q tonic ($5.49 v. ~$.99), and it really was delicious. It didn’t have that fake soda taste. I’m not a soda drinker anyway, so your mileage may vary, of course.

And before you think I’m all snooty about the HFCS in my tonic, dont’ worry, in the same shopping trip I bought microwavable instant mashed potatoes for my kids.


* Does anybody else sing Bare Naked Ladies Alcohol when you make a G&T?

Forget the caffe latte,

screw the raspberry iced tea

A Malibu and Coke for you, a G&T for me

2 thoughts on “A G&T for Me*

  1. I more think of the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy song from Swingers…

    Hey Scotty…Yeah…What’s it gonna be?
    A gin and tonic sounds might mighty good to me

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