happy friday

It’s been a lovely week-ish around here. Things have improved dramatically since this post about the way things were going with my kids and family. As with all things parenting, everything passes and so I am happy that this particular rough patch has passed. Helping things is the fact that my sweet Sarah turned 7, my Jack is about to turn 9 (NINE! I have been a mother for NINE years), it is mayyybe getting warmer and some of the school challenges we had for the last couple of months are over. We had a very nice spring break, due, at least in part, to the fact that my strategy is to keep the kids busy. Sitting around the house together all day just turns into too much TV and sibling disharmony. So we had play dates each day, got out some extra art supplies and figured out how to peacefully enjoy each other. At least for now.


Internetty bullets:

  • With the demise of Google Reader (SIGH) I have started switching over to The Old Reader. It takes a little while for your feed import to go through, but mine imported this morning. I have all of my feeds there and hopefully it will be like using Google Reader back in the day when it was good and still had the sharing feature. If you’re there, we can try and find each other (maybe leave me a comment and I’ll look for you).
  • The Wilder Coast – a blog I just started reading last night. 10 posts in and I love her writing, her adventures and description of a life that is nothing like my own (though I secretly fantasize about being so adventurous). found via Linda @Sundry
  • I Was a Bad Mama Today – I have had days like this and after reading this I just want to hug Heidi and sit in her kitchen with coffee. So far it’s the only post of hers I’ve read,but I’ll be working my way through her others when I get time to sit down and read.


So fun this week was giving my two big kids each a DSLR camera and letting them walk around the house and take pictures. It was so interesting to see what they ended up shooting. Mostly each other. But also the chandelier, my coffee mug and LOTS of their little sister. I think they like the shutter sound the best. And they also prefer for the flash to fire as often as possible.

Some from the kids:

April20130403_34-2 April20130403_140April20130403_55-2KidswithcamerasApril20130403_139April20130403_95April20130403_129


And a couple from me:



Happy happy Friday everyone!

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