I have attempted to grow a vegetable garden with various levels of effort for the last 4 years. The first year we built 2 raised garden beds, I planted a ton of different things and we had moderate success. In those four years I also was pregnant with my 3rd (and then a couple of years with her as a little one who really was not much fun outside). We had success with basil, zucchini and tomatoes. And last year I had sort of given up on the idea of gardening but we had tomato plants that came back on their own. A few things I learned about vegetable gardening:

  • It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.
  • You have to water your plants especially when your yard is in full sun.
  • You have to weed. And weed. And weed.
  • Starting seeds indoors is not for me.

So this year my plan is:

  • Clear the garden beds of weeds, fill in with some dirt, peat moss…whatever the guy at Lowe’s recommends and isn’t too expensive.
  • In late March, plant lettuce seeds directly into the ground and fence it to keep the critters away.
  • Buy tomato, basil and zucchini plants and plant them sometime in May.
  • Enjoy all of the BLTs, pesto and saut√©ed zucchini I can eat!


4 thoughts on “Garden

  1. I would love love love a garden. I’m of half a mind to snag a corner of our (very small) patio for a raised bed but that puts a premium on our grilling/fire pit/outside day drinking space. It’s a clashing of priorities really.

    • We have both but I think it’s mostly the rabbits that got into my lettuce the year I didn’t fence it. I also had a year where it was fenced (~3 ft high) and it did fine.

  2. Hi! After you have weeded, adjusted the soil, and planted, put several layers of newspaper on top of the dirt and hold it down with grill clippings or mulch. A soaker hose running through the garden might help and it’s easier than a sprinkler. Then there is that WEED!WEEED!WEED! No way around it but the newspapers help.

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