Shrimp N Grits

shrimpngrits20130314_36Until last night we had only ever had shrimp and grits out at a restaurant. My husband, in particular, love love loved them and has been mentioning to me for a while now that I should make them for him. So when I saw this recipe pop up on Annie’s Eats, I thought it was time.

Grits: super easy. I’ve made polenta before and it’s basically the same. Pot, water, some stirring, butter, cheese. NBD.

Shrimp and  gravy: easy, semi-quick, but you do have to stand there and cook it. It’s not a make-ahead dish. And, if your children can go without intervention for 20 minutes, then it’s easy.

I substituted a red pepper for green because we like that better. And I inadvertently put in the whole pepper’s worth instead of the 1/4 cup it called for and it was fine and delicious.

Shrimp and Grits via Annie’s Eats, originally from Ezra Pound Cake


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