On the Menu This Week

Here’s what we’re eating this week!

There are several recipes I haven’t tried before. And it’s almost all vegetarian, with the exception of Wednesday’s salad, because we have some leftover chicken to use. If we didn’t already have chicken on hand I probably would just leave that out. I’m also using 3 different recipes from Annie’s Eats. She’s had so many delicious looking things lately it’s time to give them some try.

Sunday: Grilled Portobello Mushrooms Stacked with Fresh Spinach and Shaved Manchego Cheese by Bobby Flay. The first time I made this, I carefully (artfully!) stacked the mushrooms and layered the spinach and cheese and drizzled the vinaigrette, but once it was put together and I started to eat it I realized: this is a salad. We’re not trying to impress anyone with our food styling here, Bobby, so I just serve it as a salad.


Monday: Broccoli Pesto Pasta from Annie’s Eats, adapted from Smitten Kitchen, with a side of roasted asparagus with parmesan and lemon zest

Tuesday: Dinner at my parents’ house

Wednesday: Bok Choy Brown Rice Salad with Orange Sesame Dressing from Annie’s Eat’s. My husband and I both have evening activities, so my plan is to make this up in the afternoon and then each eat it when we can.

Thursday: Shrimp and Grits from Annie’s Eats. Side caesar salad

And no, my kids won’t eat any of it.

What are you all eating this week?

3 thoughts on “On the Menu This Week

  1. We had shrimp with grits a few weeks ago – I hadn’t ever cooked with grits – they were really good! What do the kids eat if they won’t eat any of it?

  2. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but it took me three days to realize: I claimed this to be a mostly vegetarian menu, but 2 out of the four recipes here are not. It’s not really vegetarian at all.

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