Bean Burritos

I am new to refried beans. They never ever looked appetizing to me. When my husband saw this recipe from last week’s Taco Night for “Refried” Beans and he was really excited to try it, I thought, well, it’s pretty simple, just beans and spices, I’ll give it a whirl. So we did, taco night, beans on the side, love it.


What I didn’t realize (and maybe all of you have figured this out, but again – I’m new to refried, uh “refried” beans) is that bean burritos are the BEST.

Faced with a huge pile of leftover beans, my husband instructed: you just put some beans in a tortilla with some cheese and: bean burrito.


So, yes, I heat a pile of leftover beans, spread them on a tortilla, and sprinkle some Chipotle Tabasco, pepper jack cheese, banana peppers, and some salsa. Fold up the tortilla, warm it on all sides and eat. It would probably be good with a scrambled egg tossed in there as well. Then: full for the rest of the day because: a whole burrito full of beans.

2 thoughts on “Bean Burritos

  1. Oh MAN I love refried beans. I’ll tell you a secret – the BEST EVER refried beans? Amy’s WITH GREEN CHILIES. Do not get the regular ones, you will not be as happy as if you get the one with chillies. It doesn’t make the beans hot, but a bit of tang and just…gah. SO GOOD.

    Sometimes, I’ll put those in a low bowl and top with cheese, microwave then add guac, salsa or sour cream (who am I kidding…all) and then we’ll eat that with chips for dinner. Not going to lie. SO GOOD. I stock up on those cans of Amy’s when I find them!

    • Oooh! That sounds really good! Last taco night I just kept making little piles of beans on my plate and topping them with cheese, sour cream, tabasco and banana peppers. I think just dipping chips into it sounds perfect!

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