Kids, Man

Let’s talk about kids for a minute. I have three of them and truly, they are three of the best humans I have ever met. I am totally biased by biology, I recognize this. But (to me) they are the cutest, prettiest, most intelligent little beings. It is one of the most fascinating things I am going through, watching them learn and grow and develop into these actual full people who have opinions and knowledge and creativity.

They also are, no shit, the hardest people I have ever had to deal with in my life. When I worked before I had kids, I was stuck dealing with some pretty difficult personalities, but then I got to go home. And people at work cycle in and out, you almost never work with the same bunch of people long-term. They change every year or two. But kids, man. I can’t escape them. And it’s such a personal thing to deal with: when something is difficult I internalize it: *whine* what am I doing wroooong? My emotions are tied so closely to their well-being and emotions.

these two are deceptively cute

these two are deceptively cute

Anyway. We’ve been having some struggles lately. Probably nothing out of the ordinary growing up pains. My older two, 8 and 6, have been completely out of control behavior-wise. It’s cold, they can’t play outside. School is hectic, there are projects and homework. And so it has been really tough lately. The way they speak to us has been horrid. The amount of conflict they have with each other has gone through the roof. And so, in addition to blaming myself (what am I doing wroooooong?), we’re calling out the disrespectful behavior and not letting the little things slide and, honestly, the first day of this “behavior bootcamp” was godawful. It also happened to be President’s Day so there was no school, we HAD to be around each other all day. We had piano to practice, rooms to clean, school projects to work on AND AND- no screens for any kid. It was one of the most annoying parenting days: everyone complaining, having to correct/discipline/speak to someone every 5 minutes, not getting any of MY stuff done (chores, the house was a wreck). And I couldn’t even push them on a screen to buy myself some peace.

AND THEN I FOUND A ROTTEN PIECE OF PRODUCE IN MY SOFA. At some point (A LONG TIME AGO APPARENTLY) SOMEONE *eyeballs at the baby* put what appears to have once been a pepper down under the cushions of the loveseat. And I found it on the same day that all the other parenting related things turned to crap.

But thank goodness that only lasted a day. Everyone went to bed early. And the next day was better (AND they went back to school- that didn’t hurt either).

this one certainly wouldn't put produce in the sofa

this one certainly wouldn’t put produce in the sofa

2 thoughts on “Kids, Man

  1. It is hard work turning small people into respectable adults. OH SO HARD. Because you know, WE are certainly not going to be responsible for producing one of those assholes nobody wants to sit in a meeting with in 20 years, right? Right.


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