Go Read These Things

While I’m on the subject of kids:

There are a couple of fantastic moms that are raising children older than mine that give me hope that things don’t have to be as scary as I think they will be when my kids hit middle school or high school.

Linda from All & Sundry and The Stir talked to Miss Zoot in One Family’s Awesome Example of Why the Teen Years Don’t Always Suck. Miss Zoot’s son is going to graduate from high school this year and they have a mother-son relationship that I admire and hope to have someday.

Swistle is enduring her second son’s 6th grade year, with some of the things I fear the most about middle school (that incidentally I can relate to from my own middle school years): he’s not turning is assignments, he doesn’t care about grades, doesn’t follow-through. After I read her post and went to comment about how scared I am of those years with my own kids, I found that so many parents have been through this same thing and come out the other side with healthy, productive children who actually go on to succeed in high school, college and life. Reading through the comments gives me hope!

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