Onto the next thing

I had the wonderful opportunity to write for Food Lush and I am so sad to see it go (hopefully not forever!). I love seeing what other people are cooking and what things they’re using in their kitchens. Since I can’t just make you tell me what you’re having for dinner, I’ll start! We’re trying to eat healthier now, the holidays are a slippery slope of butter and baked goods and meat and cheese. So lately we’ve been operating on a Beans and Greens plan. We try to eat as many beans and greens as we can and try really hard to avoid the things we know we shouldn’t be eating. I mean, I went to Costco today and I DIDN’T get a piece of pizza, and I’m pretty sure that deserves an award of some kind. I should be minus 5 lbs just for virtue.

mosaicbf524952ca0142f830e1a8422c5f9d0ea575e3d4My archives on Food Lush

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